www.drag-oncharters.comCharter Fishing Sarasota with Captain Eric.These are just a few of the big ones caught last month.Hopefully this month will be as good or better. As for the cooling temperaturesI am sure it will be easier on me.Thanks for busting lip with me.continue reading →

This young lady took care of business. Fishing in Sarasota. continue reading →

Fishing  has been very good offshore. I have been using a few new techniques to catch some monster fish. Sarasota fishingcontinue reading →

Rob Gustafson is a real champ. Swimming in Shark invested waters for a photograph. He told me this wasn't a big one. Well may be next time. Thanks again.continue reading →

My Italian Friends landed a big Goliath after many tries. What a great day with them. Sarasota Fishing has been great to them and I know they will be back for more. Thank you so much Bonfanti family and friends.CiaoCaptain EricPs watch for ......birdscontinue reading →